Ms Lady YMY Firming Breast Mask

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Ms Lady YMY Firming Breast Mask 

Ms Lady YMY Firming Breast Mask is made up of all natural plant-based ingredient that provides a natural healthy way to more youthful, firm, shapely breast. Results you can see & confidence you can feel. Apparent in 9 days.  Best results in less than 3 weeks.

From the purist extracts, the potent active rich formula creates a super moisturizing low-molecular-weight emollient that optimally absorbs and hydrates into the deeper layers of your skin.  Reinvigorates and promotes smooth, firm, healthy silky soft skin.  Improves the appearance of saggy breast, tone imperfections, reduces hyperplasia and prevents stretch marks.  Increases the moisture content of your skin and maintains overall appearance over the long term.

Ms Lady Benefits

>Shapelier curves, fuller breast, noticeable cleavage
>Smoother toned skin
>Healthier breast

Formulated Proven Synergistic Ingredients

PUERARIA MIRIFICA - Medicinal plant found in Southeast Asia containing unique natural phytoestrogen: miroestrol and deoxymiroestrol known for its balancing and restorative estrogenic properties

PAPAYA - Papain from Papaya fruit hydrates your skin, protecting it from free-radicals, leaving the complexion perfectly balanced, soft and tender

TREMELLA FUCIFORMIS - White jelly mushroom, with excellent saturating and water-locking abilities, provides exceptional skin protection and restorative functions

COLLAGEN - Core structural protein that nourishes the inner layers of the skin, improving elasticity and reducing the appearance of wrinkles

ALOE VERA - Natural physiological water, mineral and various amino acids that protects and moisturizes the outer layer of the skin leaving it soft and supple

ACTIVATED CHARCOAL - Natural processed ingredient that disinfects and draws bacteria, toxins, chemicals and other micro-particles out from the skin.


Use 1 mask every 3 days until finished, for your first treatment.  You will see noticeable improvements in the first 3 applications and best results at the completion of 6 applications.  After 6 applications, use 1 mask every 1-4 weeks or as needed to maintain the look, feel and health of your breast.

Precautions:  Do not use mask more than once every 3 days. Do not use mask if menstruating, pregnant or lactating.  Stop using this product if skin irritation occurs.

Storage:  Store in cool dry place.  Keep away from sunlight.

Breast Mask Application

Place unopened mask packaging in warm water (90-100°F; 32-43°C) for 10 minutes for a more comfortable application (optional). Cleanse your breast with soap and warm cloth, or apply after shower/bath. Remove mask from packaging and unfold, careful to not spill remaining essence.

Place the mask on your breast starting from areola and fit it to the contour of your breast. Follow the same steps for your other breast. Remove masks after 15-20 minutes. Pat remaining essence over breasts and décolleté until it is completely absorbed.

Please note that tingling and/or flush fullness sensation on your breast for a short period of time is normal. 

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