MAIONE Brand Story

《MAIONE Brand and the Legend of the Mermaid MAIONE》


Underneath the deep blue sea, Poseidon’s daughter, MAIONE, was a greatly adored princess. When she became older, Poseidon presented her with two treasures: a crown and a magic mirror. MAIONE was so beautiful and charming after putting on the crown, she had become the prettiest mermaid in the underwater world. …As time went on, MAIONE found her love with a human prince who promised to spend the rest of his life with her.

One day, MAIONE met a very depressed clownfish who felt very dull and ordinary, and had no friends. The kind Princess MAIONE decided to help the clownfish by giving her her crown. The clownfish put on the crown and immediately became beautiful and confident. She was so happy!

But the clownfish realized, looking at her own reflection, how appreciative she was of Princess’s gift. She was also inspired by MAIONE that even without her crown, she was still so confident and charming. The clownfish then realized the truth of beauty. She decided then on to share MAIONE’s gift to help others feel beautiful. She swam the seven seas to spread the beauty of MAIONE and the crown so others could realize their own beauty.

However, Princess MAIONE without the crown lost her former physical beauty but the prince did not care. “You are still beautiful without the crown. I love you not because of your appearance but because of your kind heart,” said the prince. He then had an idea and stood MAIONE in front of her magic mirror. A miracle happened! A new crown appeared on Princess MAIONE’s head and she regained her youthfulness. She became a beautiful ageless mermaid.

But as time went on, the prince’s face started to show its age. Princess MAIONE had obtained her eternal youthfulness but could the human prince find his? (to be continued)